Monday, April 29, 2013

girls on bikes

it's annoying and kind of upsetting that when you type in "girls on bikes" into the tumblr search bar most of the photos that come up are naked girls on bikes or close ups of asses on bikes. really? i just want to see real (clothed) girls on bikes! is that so hard?

Sunday, April 28, 2013

1st spring ride

1st ride of the spring today, we did 8 miles part on a nature trail and part on the road. The trail was rough since it wasn't paved and my tires are road tires and road part was a little scary for me because i've never ridden on the roads up here and they are busy. It was fun and a good workout and the weather is just beautiful right now. My husband isn't used to going so slow (apparently 20-30 mph is slow for him) but he was supportive and we will be doing this ride a lot!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

my husbands bike (one of them)

This is my husbands bike, a 2012 Specialized Allez Road bicycle. He's into more road biking or a roadie as some would call them. He wears all the gear, skin tight (and i'm not complaining) padded pants or shorts, the jersey, the shoes, the gloves, the arm warmers (when it's cold) etc. You get the point! He rides his bike to work when it's nice enough out. He loves the speed and the workout it provides. I'm not brave enough to ride mine to work mainly because I work at night and people drive crazy around here. Anyway just wanted to show his bike. We're a Specialized family I guess our son will be getting his for his birthday coming up! Whats not to love about them actually they make high quality bicycles for all kinds of riders.

the new bike

2012 Specialized Vita Elite...literally the nicest bicycle I have ever had. A little early Mother's Day present if you will!